How many cars, and where are they located?

We have 3 cars in our fleet. The newest is a Nissan Leaf EV parked at City Hall Parkade, a Honda at Rae St. behind a Viterra parking lot, and a Leaf EV parked at 2100 block Rae St.

Does car sharing cost less than owning a vehicle?

IT COSTS MUCH LESS. Saving money is one of the best things about RCS: members never have to worry about the cost of insurance, maintenance, repairs or even gas!  Find out what your private car is costing you now.

You’ll be billed monthly on a per-use basis. Drive less; pay less!

CAA Driving Costs 2013 Edition puts the total cost of driving an Equinox at ~$8800, or 66¢/km if driven 18000km per year.

Car sharing can save you thousands of dollars every year!

How do I drive an RCS vehicle?

Apply for a membership. The “Join” form needs to be printed and mailed with a cheque or money order and your Driver Abstract and license copy. You’ll get a membership number and key code in your email once approved. You simply take your new code to the chosen vehicle after booking it on our website, drive the vehicle, and return it to the same parking spot when finished.

Is car sharing a new idea?

“Car sharing first appeared in Europe in the 1940s. As of 2007 Canada had 13 car sharing programs and almost 34,000 members sharing 1,499 vehicles, according to carsharing.net” (Alive, October 2008). As of July 1, 2011 – based on data provided by Susan Shaheen, University of California, Berkeley – 78,840 members shared 2,605 vehicles among 20 carsharing organizations in Canada. It has grown since.

Is car sharing the same as renting a car?

For day-to-day use, car sharing is cheaper and more flexible than renting. Self-serve online booking allows drivers quick, easy access to vehicles day and night, for durations as short as one hour.

How does car sharing help the environment?

When individuals change their habits en masse, big changes can happen for society and the environment. When you join RCS, you’ll lower your emissions, decrease your fossil fuel use, and reduce your use of municipal infrastructure. It also facilitates other ways of getting around like transit, biking and walking.
Read a study done in Canada that backs up these claims.

Is car sharing similar to carpooling?

Car sharing is more flexible. You simply book a vehicle online, use it, bring it back before your reserved time expires and document your mileage in the log book. You don’t have to have anyone else with you in the vehicle to “car share”.

What’s a co-op?

When you join RCS, you become a share-owning member of the co-operative. This means you – and the rest of the members – are part owners of the whole organization. RCS’ mission is to provide maximum financial benefit and service to you, the shareholding member. Members can vote at meetings for the general membership.

How much will car sharing cost?

The bottom line is that using a shared car saves many drivers thousands of dollars a year.

Other Canadian car shares vary in their rates.

As of June 2015, RCS has these current rates available to members.

How does car sharing work?

Saskatoon has a helpful video that explains their process, with some more automation than our co-op currently has.

There’s also our promotional video about car sharing in Regina.